March 3, 2016

Verify Agent Search

Before being allowed to represent any insurer in marketing / distributing Life or General insurance products, all insurance agents are required to register with PIAM (for General Insurance) or LIAM (For Life Insurance) through their respective insurers.

The same apply to all Takaful agents.  Takaful agents are required to register with Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) through their respective operators before they are authorized/ allowed to promote and distribute Takaful products.

Consumers can authenticate and confirm if an agent is registered with PIAM, LIAM or MTA by verifying the agents’ details in the link below:

To check the authenticity of a General Insurance agent —> PIAM AGENT SEARCH

To check the authenticity of a Life Insurance agent ——–> LIAM AGENT SEARCH

To check the authenticity of a Takaful agent —————-> MTA AGENT SEARCH