February 19, 2016

Safeguard your future

You never know what the future holds, and that’s why you need to prepare for any eventuality.You can do this by securing a plan that will provide protection and long-term savings for you and your loved ones.

Life Insurance / Family Takaful
Life insurance / Family Takaful is an essential aspect in your long term financial planning. It helps to reduce financial strain on your family after you pass away. This is especially crucial if you are the sole breadwinner.  Life insurance / Family Takaful, which is usually used as a means to provide financial aid for your dependants if you die.

You may also save or invest through life insurance/ family takaful. Some life insurance/ family takaful products also pay out when you are unable to work due to illness or disability. Examples of life insurance/ takaful products are whole life/endowment, ordinary family and investment-linked.

Retirement Annuity
A retirement annuity provides you with a stream of income payments that will continue for the rest of your life. This guarantees you to have a dependable source of income, even after you retire.

If this is an option you are interested in, then you should read more about on retirement annuity.

Investment-linked Insurance / Investment-linked Takaful
Investment-linked insurance / Takaful allows you to combine insurance with investment as part of your insurance plan. You can choose the amount to allocate for your investment as well as your insurance.  An investment-linked takaful is a family takaful plan that combines investment and takaful cover. Your contribution gives you a takaful cover, which includes death and disability benefits, and also an investment in a variety of Shariah-approved investment funds of your choice.

Child Education Plan
Start early in planning for your child’s education, it can be the smartest investment move you’ll make in your life. Familiarise yourself on the many child education planning policies available in the market.

Seek the policy that suits you and your future plans for your child. Learn the basics about child education planning and start your search today.